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Hi, my name is Clive Lutley, an Englishman living in Bavaria since emigrating from the UK in 1984.

My hobby is painting pictures. Obviously, you might say, but it really is what I enjoy doing.      

I like experimenting, testing new techniques, looking for new subjects and always trying to improve.

Painting helps me relax and isolate me from the stress of life. Once in front of the canvas and the painting is

going well, then I'm content for hours on end and fully emerged - I have thoughts for nothing else.    


Please note: This is a simple website, so don't spend time looking for bells or whistles, there aren't any,

there's not even a second page. Clicking a picture will produce a bigger view - that's about as exciting as it gets.

If you feel the need to contact me you're welcome to email me at


Where do I come from?

I was born in Plymouth, in the southwest of England, an unaccountably long time ago.

During my childhood my uncle, Harry Collins, whom I much respected, also a hobby painter, left me his utensils and oil colours when he unfortunately passed on.

This is one of uncle Harry's few surviving paintings, painted in 1948 and called simply "Refugee":

    Harry Collings, 1948. Oil on canvas               H. Collings, "Refugee" sketch

              "Refugee". H. Collings, 1948. Oil on canvas. 55x77cm (with sketch)


In my preteens I painted with my uncle's oils until they ran out.

My only surviving painting from back then, in the 60’s, was of my budgie, Peter, lovely chap. 

                                                     "Budgie": Clive Lutley c. 1965

      "Peter the Budgie", c. 1965.

This then, will be known as my “Budgie Period” ;-)

For the next few decades painting couldn’t have been further from my mind. Growing up brings many other asidesincluding a period of formative military service and finally entering into the

commercial biosphere where I became totally involved in the newly emerging computing networking technology, travelling like crazy and at the same time living on and working a small farm in Bavaria.

Time was at a premium.

But then something happened. Nothing so romantic as leaving everything behind to start a hermitic existence, painting in a shack somewhere. No, something much more mundane.

I was zapping through TV channels late in the evening or maybe in the early hours when a quietly spoken man with an afro hairstyle appeared on screen, energetically applying oil colours to a

blank canvas and finished an attractive landscape in 30 minutes. It was fascinating to watch and I felt that itch again, an almost primeval need to paint.

This man was called Bob Ross, who sadly is no longer with us. I bought one off Bob Ross’s “Joy of Painting” instructional books and faithfully reproduced every picture in it.

There were some disasters of course, but I still have some proudly hanging on my walls.


My “Budgie Period” had finally come to an end

I decided I needed to explore further. I bought a bunch of books, visited galleries and generally studied composition, colours and so forth, and practised the techniques so learnt.

Not an excessive amount of reading though, putting colour down is much, much more fun!

This period of experimentation and learning is an ongoing process, which I hope never ends.

Most of my pictures hang in my home. I’ve given some away as birthday presents or house warming gifts and even sold a couple, but mostly they just hang around where I can see them. I suppose I’m

attached to them. I do say to some of my friends, probably too often, “Well, you wouldn’t sell your children would you”.

I started with seascapes because, being brought up in Plymouth, a historic harbour, and (almost) facing the powerful Atlantic, the sea is close to my heart.

Seascape 1. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley       Seascape 2. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley      Seascape 3. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley      Seascape 4. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley      Seascape 5. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley      Seascape 6. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Seascape 7. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Seascape 8. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley    Seascape 9. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley

Note: These are all oil on canvas and the frames are mostly computer generated. The miniatures are not to scale. The size of these paintings vary between 40 x 30 cm and 100 x 80 cm.

I shall not repeat this message again, but only point out what is not oil on canvas - sometimes anyway.


Growing up in Plymouth not only made me aware of the power and beauty of the sea, but also the splendour of land-based nature too. Dartmoor National Park, not far from Plymouth, is a rolling landscape,

almost prehistoric in nature, steeped in legends of ghosts and ghoulies. More mundanely, it is also dotted with free roaming sheep and wild ponies. Dartmoor undoubtedly planted the embryo off

my perception of nature and how important it is to the world we live in, and also an abhorrence for those intent on destroying it for profit, a feeling which is reflected in some of my paintings.

   Landscape 1. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley Devon Village. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Time. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Devon, UK. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Precious Water. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Fragile Planet. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Rose. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Clock. Oil on canvas + Clock. Clive Lutley     Time Elapses. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley


Having lived on a farm with horses I also painted my horse, the handsome Arabian "Kafroon":  

My Araber Kafroon       

And that of a friend's horse for his wife’s birthday. Yes, my first contract work!

                                                                                                    Friends horse. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley            Friends Farmhouse                                                              


My second contract was from a business colleague who was brave enough to ask me to decorate some wood panels in his flat and being willing to try anything at least once I gave it a shot.

This is the first time I used acrylic paint.

Unfortunately I only have a photo of one board in place, you'll need to imagine the other two:                  Home decoration. Acryl on wood. Clive Lutley

I enjoyed the work so I went on to “upgrade” some of my furniture, including an inexpensive shoe cabinet:   Shoe storage. Acryl. Clive Lutley   Acrylic on wood

And I started to apply the techniques to canvas too, if only to decorate my living room:                        Home decoration 2. Acryl on canvas. Clive Lutley Both Acrylic on canvas. There's some airbrush work in the right-hand picture

I thought air-brushing was something I should try. I’m still experimenting, but already it certainly has its uses, e.g. in adding subtle components to a mixed media painting

using transparent air-brush colours. I’m still a long way from being capable of air-brushing a complete work and I'm not even sure that I want to go there.

The “Whatever Period” is ongoing, probably for ever.

In the "Whatever Period" I paint anything that pops up in my head or I photographed somewhere. Here are some "Whatever" paintings. Not in any thematic nor chronological order. Some are early works, some later:

     Resources. Mixed media. Clive Lutley   Evil eyes. Oil on board. Clive Lutley    Disgust (Iraq). Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Home decoration 3. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Landscape 11. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Series 1. Oil on board. Clive Lutley  Series 2. Oil on board. Clive Lutley  Series 3. Oil on board. Clive Lutley  Series 4. Oil on board. Clive Lutley   Series (View). Oil on board. Clive Lutley      Cube. Oil on board. Clive Lutley

     Palette2. Oil on board. Clive Lutley     Home decoration 4. Mixed media on canvas. Clive Lutley     Grassland. Oil on board. Clive Lutley     Portugal scenes. Oil on board. Clive Lutley     Green. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Lava 2. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley    Lava 1. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley     Mother & Child. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley      Woodstack. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley    Star. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley    Home decoration 5. Oil on canvas. Clive Lutley



Thought I'd do some greeting cards too. Here's a few I remembered to photograph: 

                                                                                                                           Easter card. Oil on paper. Clive Lutley     Father Christmas. Oil on paper. Clive Lutley     Xmas card. Oil on paper. Clive Lutley  Oil on paper                                                                     


Also tried a bit of "sculpture". Turned out to be sort of monk in the end. Lots of fun doing though.   The Monk. Soapstone. Clive Lutley Soapstone


My workshop with, of course, the inevitable WIP:                                                   My workshop 1. Clive Lutley       My workshop 2. Clive Lutley


And finally, if you plan to make a living with your paintings, bear this in mind:    

                                                                                                                                   Cartoon  - Til Mette

                                                                                                     "I became an artist to give my poverty a reason ...." Til Mette (


If you're already having a nice one then carry on!      Bye, bye.


                                                                                                                                                       Cartoon of Clive Lutley 

                                                                                                                            Clive W. Lutley. Email:, Friedberg, 86316 Bayern

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